Marle Woman: Darya Bing

Marle Women is created to celebrate our philosophy of designing pieces for women of all ages and stages of their lives. We hope each interview inspires you, the same way in which these women do to us.

Here, we speak with designer, artist, stylist and mother, Darya Bing, about her inspiring approach to creativity, how her younger years growing up in Israel has shaped the sophisticated woman she is today, and why she views every project of hers as an opportunity to inspire, comfort, and move others.  Forever seeking the beauty of a given moment, Darya speaks about the simple morning rituals that set her up for the day, and why she finds inspiration in moments of intimacy and small ordinary moments of life that still our heart and make us feel. 

Can you share a little bit about yourself, your background, and upbringing? What defining aspects have contributed to the woman you are today?

I grew up in Israel in an artist village which was founded by a European Dadaist. Both my parents were artists and their creative process and references of the modernist era and the original arts of the 1970’s were very dominant in my immediate environment. 

I think growing up in a very young country that brought together so many immigrants from all over the world after world war 2 was fascinating and challenging at the same time. 

It was only years later when I moved to London and then NZ that I realised how growing up in a country at war has affected me as a young person. 

I think the mix of growing up with the references and ideas of abstract, creativity and playfulness at home  ( which in themselves were a mix of European and Middle eastern ideas) and the values and struggles of my community have made me who I am now, forever seeking the beauty of a given moment and being the one choosing who I want to be in that moment. 

You began your career in wardrobe and set design in theatre and film, what made you choose this creative path?

I studied fine art and was drawn to set design, that slowly evolved into art direction and  styling which I always found to be a good merge of my skills. I now apply my experience to other creative platforms, including a textile design business I share with my good friend Nikki Walker called Walker & Bing.

How do you approach your work? Are there any guiding principles that influence the way you work creatively? 

I look at every project as a new work of art. The possibility to create images to inspire, comfort, please and move others. 

I like listening to a brief and picking up on all the nuances, then applying my view into it and sharing my vision for execution. 

How would you describe your personal style? Has it always been this way, or has it evolved over the years?

Absolutely an evolution. In my teens I would only buy vintage as I was fascinated by the 70’s and then learned to mix both classics with vintage as I grew older.  I tend to look more at my colour palette and mix of textures now.

Have you always been confident in your style or is this something you have learnt with age?

I think it's definitely something you get more comfortable in with age, simply because you learn not to conform to anyone else rules about trend, comfort and style. I think when we stop trying very hard to be seen by others, we are able to see more of ourselves.

What is your take on a personal ritual? Do you have any non-negotiable morning rituals that set you up for a productive day ahead?

I don’t really see anything as non negotiable in my rituals, because change is inevitable. I try to do stretches for 20 min when I wake up or a long walk on the weekend first thing in the morning.

I always put an effort into feeling good about myself, nice clothes, a soothing cup of tea before I leave the house.

"I look at every project as a new work of art. The possibility to create images to inspire, comfort, please and move others"

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

Its been said before, but everything!  I draw a lot from old movies, I don’t only like the direction, the acting is so wonderfully surprising. Like in any great production, you can put the most exquisite outfits on a model, but she needs to surprise you and create the story to capture your audience. I find a lot of inspiration in moments of intimacy, the small ordinary moments in life that still our heart and make us feel.

What is a piece of personal wisdom that you carry with you?

I had to ask my daughter and she surprised my with what she had to say “Mum you say to take pride in your work, be open to change because life is always changing and to decide who you want to be every day when you wake up” Now I know my constant nagging has paid off :-)

What do you love most about Marle?

Understated elegance,  considered simplicity, comfort, originality

Quickfire Questions
Texture or colour?


Texture Summer or winter? 

Summer 100%

Listening to? 

Bob Dylan


Liquid Life - Zygmunt Bauman



Favourite recipe?

Unfair question! but lately the art of baking

Top Image: Darya wears the Eloise Top, Odette Shirt and Magdelena Pant in linen (arriving soon) Middle Images: Up close with the Eloise Top and Odette Shirt. The Oliver Top (black arriving soon) and Illaria Skirt in silk. Bottom Image: Blair Top and Magdelena Pant in linen (both arriving soon)
All images by Cindy Leong

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