Marle Woman: Beck Wadworth

Marle Women is created to celebrate our philosophy of designing pieces for women of all ages and stages of their lives. We hope each interview inspires you, the same way in which these women do to us. 

Here, we speak with our friend and founder of stationery line An Organised Life, Beck Wadworth, about her signature style, how she built her brand, the unlikely places she finds her creative inspiration and where she finds stillness in her busy life as an entrepreneur and ambassador. 

Name: Beck Wadworth
Location: Auckland, NZ

Can you share a little bit about yourself - including your background, noting some of the defining aspects that have contributed to the woman you are today.

I grew up in Marlborough, New Zealand and for as long as I can remember I've always been a creative and loved the arts but I've always been really organised too!

I studied classical ballet for 13 years and it definitely attributed to my drive, dedication, passion and work ethic that I have today.

In terms of An Organised Life, I always relied on a diary year after year to write down my important dates, lists and goals. When I moved to Sydney I wanted a diary however I couldn’t find one that was functional yet had an element of style to compliment my monochrome and minimalistic aesthetic. I realised there was a gap in the market and this was when An Organised Life was born. 

We’re constantly impressed by the many collaborations and new collections you create for An Organised Life. Where do you find your creative inspiration? And how do you maintain it?

Thank you!

In terms of products, I’m always trying to fix a problem, help others organise a certain area of their life, or hoping to inspire others. I don’t have a set rule on how many products I need to launch a year, I keep it pretty flexible so I can ensure they are the best of the best. For example, the Wedding Planner took Greta Kenyon and I a year to design and create because we spent the first 6 month interviewing so many people in the industry and real couples to ensure we made the best possible Wedding Planner. 

I always get my best ideas at the strangest of times. I could be triggered by a one off comment someone makes, a quote, an artist or a problem a friend has. I’ve learnt over the years to trust my creative waves. 

"My style is very minimal and pared back - less is more to me. I like to invest in quality pieces that stand the test of time, have an incredible fit and suit my style - Marle is one of my go-to brands that aligns with my values"

As a business owner, creative and ambassador, you run a very busy schedule. What are the go-to Marle pieces you reach for when you have a very busy day ahead?

I have so many Marle pieces that I turn to every single week. My style is very minimal and pared back - less is more to me. I like to invest in quality pieces that stand the test of time, have an incredible fit and suit my style - Marle is one of my go-to brands that aligns with my values.  

Currently (for my third year running) my favourite Spring/Summer dress is the black Anouk Dress. I love the square neckline and flattering silhouette that compliments my curves. It’s such an effortless style that can be worn with sneakers or slides. My other go-to Marle favourite is the classic Tommy silk skirt in ivory and black. It’s great for any season. I wear mine paired with the Mimi Jumper in Winter or June tank in Summer. And of course, a silk and linen pant combo. I’m currently obsessed with the Magdelena Pant paired with the Eloise Top.

How would you describe your personal style? And how has it changed over the years?

I discovered my personal style and how to dress my body shape properly when I was about 22 and it hasn’t changed since. Juliet was actually one of the women who inspired my signature style when we used to work together in my early 20's. It’s very minimal and effortless. From that age I also started favouring pieces that I could wear season after season rather than trend driven pieces. You would be very surprised how small my wardrobe actually is - I'm all about a curated and refined wardrobe of pieces that I will wear over and over again. 

You are well known for choosing conscious, classic pieces that transcend seasons - an ethos that aligns well with the Marle design purpose. Why is this so important to you?

I think it's really important to only invest in pieces that you are going to wear over and over again. Tran-seasonal pieces are so useful, you would be surprised how many beautiful looks you can create with a simple silk skirt or pant.  My rule is to think of at least three looks or ways to wear a piece before I add it to my wardrobe, especially when it comes to separates. It results in a more curated wardrobe that suits your style but also less waste.  

Daily self-care rituals come in many forms, from meditation to hydration. Do you have any rituals that have become an important part of your daily routine?

I always start my day with a coffee in bed listening to the birds outside and looking over my to-do list for the day and end it with a sleep tea and lavender oil.

Reformer Pilates is another favourite of mine that I do three times a week and every day I go for a one hour walk along the water. Sometimes I just sit in my own thoughts, sometimes I call friends or family and other times I listen to a podcast. Fresh air can work wonders on the mind and soul. 

As someone who has travelled a lot, how are you finding ‘sitting still’ as we become accustomed to a new normal?

Last year I traveled nearly half the year. I'm used to doing three weeks in Auckland, one week in Sydney on rotation so this year has been a big change and to be honest, I have loved it. I'm so lucky to call New Zealand home and it's been so nice to have the time to slow down and find balance. It's something I want to maintain in my life moving forward. 

Where is the destination you love to travel most in New Zealand?

Marlborough! My hometown. It's my favourite place in the world. Family means everything to me and Marlborough makes me feel so refreshed and I find inspiration in the incredible landscape and views.  

What is your most treasured accessory and why?

Probably my An Organised Life diary. I would be lost without it! 

Do you prefer texture or colour?


Spring/ Summer or Autumn/Winter?


What are you reading right now?

I just got three new books that I’m really looking forward to starting -

  •  Notes to Self
  • The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off!
  • The Widow Clicquot
What recipe are you famous for?

It's not a recipe but I would say cheese platters!


All images by Holly Burgess 

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