Marle / Marle Care

Knitwear made from the beautiful natural fibres we use at Marle such as Wool and Cashmere are best to be gently hand washed to keep the garments shape, colour and to prevent pilling.

By hand washing your MARLE knitwear it removes the fibres that have come
loose from wear and have come to the surface of the garment causing pilling.
Do not use a washing machine as the spin cycles can be too harsh.
Fill a tub with luke warm water (no more than 30 degrees). The garment should
be gently washed using a wool detergent, do not rub as this will cause the fibres
to come loose. After washing leave the garment to soak for ten minutes.
Rinse three times and roll in a towel to get rid of excess water, do not wring as
this can distort the fibres.Lay the garment flat on a dry towel to air dry away
from heat and sunlight. Heat can cause the garmentto shrink and change
shape and sunlight can cause the colour to fade.
While drycleaning can be done on all knitwear it is best not too to frequently
as the harsh chemicals used can have a negative effect on the natural fibres.
Knitwear doesn’t need frequent washing but the benefits of investing in the time
to hand wash your knitwear will mean your garments will last multiple seasons.
To store your Marle knitwear, fold neatly and place in the dust bag provided with a
lavender sachet and pull the drawstring tight. Lavender is a natural moth deterrent.
As all knitwear using natural fibres pill (it is unavoidable with soft fibres) gently
use a fabric comb to run over the affected area and remove the pilling.