Marle / AirRobe

With our garments made entirely from natural fibres and fabrics, keeping them out of landfill has always been a priority for us and now, we’re taking that even further. We’re proud to have joined the Circular Fashion Movement with AirRobe, the new platform for reselling, renting or recycling your wardrobe. By partnering with AirRobe we can extend the life of Marle in a single click.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Add to AirRobe

When adding an item to cart, simply tap ‘Add to your AirRobe’.

Step 2: Check out as normal

At checkout, you can login or activate an AirRobe account if you haven’t previously created one and AirRobe will instantly save all purchased item/s detail (incl. images, description, recommended resale price) to your personal AirRobe Circular Wardrobe.

Step 3: Resell, Rent or Recycle from AirRobe 

Once you’ve loved and worn your Marle garments and feel ready to resell, rent or recycle, simply add your pieces to the AirRobe pre-loved designer marketplace. Just login into and follow the steps in your account to list.
We’re proud to offer our customers another way to drive positive change, thank you for joining us on the circular journey.