Marle Woman: Alice Lines

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It is a pleasure to introduce Alice Lines. Mother and editor of Homestyle Magazine. Alice wears the Louis Tee and Sara Pant. Photographed by Sophie Andreassend. 

Name: Alice Lines 
Age: 37


Can you share a little bit about yourself, your career, and upbringing? What aspects have contributed to the woman you are today?

I grew up in rural North Canterbury, and spent my childhood roaming free with my younger sister and brother, enjoying the simple pleasures of country life. Our parents had led a hippy lifestyle in the 70s, and they brought us up to enjoy and respect our environment. We never did without, but what they taught us about valuing the things we had is something that has resonated my whole life. 

My mum is an artist and avid collector, and she always encouraged my creative pursuits, which in part led me down the path to the career I’m lucky enough to have today. When I was younger I wanted to be an architect, but I ended up focusing my studies on Visual Communications. As things have turned out, my work as the editor of homestyle magazine is now closely linked to that interest, as I spend my days curating content around interiors, architecture and design. 

I’ve been at homestyle for the best part of my working life, and I met my partner Nick Burrowes on the job too. Together we run homestyle as a small business that produces not only a magazine, but also performs as a boutique content creation agency for other brands. Two years ago our son Ted made us a family, and finding our stride as parents has probably been the most challenging and rewarding years of our life thus far. 


How would you describe your personal style? Has it always been this way or has it evolved over the years? How?

The way I dress seems to reflect the chapter of life that I’m in — think 90s teenage grunge, early 2000s design student/electronica enthusiast, and right now, I’m keeping things easy to accommodate the working mum hustle with a casual chic vibe. My wardrobe is built around investing in quality pieces that I take care of, I purchase most of my clothes from local designers, and the occasional splurge from international brands. I used to wear in loads of vintage finds, and it’s something I’ve been wanting to get back into as I’m cognisant of the impact fashion consumption is having on the planet. While I currently opt for a fairly understated aesthetic, I look forward to one day being an old lady eccentric who dresses fabulously.




Have you always been confident in your style, or is it something one learns with age?

My style is definitely something I’ve become more self assured of with age. Since becoming a mother, I’m more appreciative and accepting of my body more than I perhaps used to be. This has had the flow on effect of boosting my confidence in my style too.


What do you love most about wearing Marle? How does it make you feel?

I’m all about the versatility of clothing that can add a sense of laid-back elegance to the varying aspects and activities of my week/month/life. I admire the way Juliet thoughtfully creates succinct collections to reflect this ethos too. And the tactile qualities of the natural fibres used in Marle pieces makes you feel good in the clothes. 




What is your take on a personal ritual?  Do you have any rituals when getting dressed each morning?

We’re early risers at our place, and after I’ve had breakfast with Ted, my partner Nick whisks him off to daycare, and the alone-time I have to get ready is my version of a self-care ritual. I’ll mull over what I’m going to wear while I shower, and then start a podcast while getting dressed (which I continue listening to on the drive to work). I don’t generally wear much makeup, but I’ve been quite enjoying the small morning and evening ritual of taking better care of my skin. My wellbeing and mental health relies on carving out time to acknowledge my own needs, even if it is these simple everyday moments.


What conversations do you wish more people were having day to day?

Rather than the topics being discussed, it’s the act of conversation in general that interests me. With the modern affliction of everyone being busy all the time, people often seem to think ‘catching up’ via digital channels negates the need for actual emotional connections. However, I always value the positive impact of scheduling real life chats where the conversation can take you on a journey from the small things that are challenging you on a personal level, to the global environmental, political and social issues we’re facing today.


What do you wish people were more aware of? Is there something you wish was discussed more openly?

Tricky question… I guess I don’t measure other peoples actions so much, I’m more inclined to reflect on my own awareness levels, and the things I can do to better myself and be a positive role model for my son.


What is a piece of personal wisdom that you carry with you?

Don’t settle, strive for what you want from life. You are the only one who can determine your worth. 

Quick fire questions:

Most treasured accessory? My engagement ring that my partner Nick chose for me. It’s a Victoria era piece that he purchased from a vintage jewellery dealer in Connecticut.

Texture or colour? Both! Layered together.

Spring/ Summer or Autumn/Winter? I love the change of seasons as it always feels like an opportunity to reset, and am pretty happy about the warmer days ahead.


 Follow Alice at @alice.lines  


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