A Note from our Creative Director - There She Knows

Elegant and effortless, our latest collection, There She Knows imbues a sense of refined ease. Breaking down the constructs of traditional seasons through the design of timeless essentials for the modern woman, There She Knows builds on signature styles and introduces an array of new silhouettes that will see the wearer through spring, summer and years beyond.

We sat down with our Founder and Creative Director, Juliet Souter, to find out more about the inspiration behind the collection.

Where did you draw inspiration for There She Knows? 

Each collection is built on a foundation of refined ease, There She Knows is an extension of this philosophy, combined with inspiration from the inherent textures of each natural fibre we use.  Playing with a mix of cloths and deepening that story through the use of checks, gingham and heavily textured silk such as the Olympia Singlet epitomise the story I hope to tell with Marle – sophisticated yet liveable pieces.  

I enjoyed exploring more feminine design details and expanding on this idea within the collection, pushing this concept further than seasons gone by; gathering, contrast stitching, voluminous silhouettes and curved peplums – femininity is an element I’m always drawn to, personally and for Marle, however I prefer it in more modern examples. 

 "Each collection is built on a foundation of refined ease, There She Knows is an extension of this philosophy, combined with inspiration from the inherent textures of each natural fibre we use"
What fibres did you start with and how did these form shapes and designs?  

Spring always lends itself to more lightweight fabrics but they still need to carry the wearer through cooler weather here in New Zealand -  they need to be a weight in which you can layer or wear on their own as the weather gets warmer. I always start with linen and silk for spring and summer, both fibres carry a multitude of benefits to the wearer - breathability, anti-microbial, natural to name a few.  I adore our signature cotton | silk | cashmere yarn so that formed the base for our layering pieces, the Layla Tee and June Tank, of which both feel incredible next to the skin and can be worn through each season

Which natural fibres do you love designing with the most?

I adore working with all of them, they each carry their own unique beauty and benefits that then gets translated into a piece that highlights said unique character.  

The collection features an array of beautiful linens, what is it about linen that you love? 

Linen has a lovely level of texture that I am drawn to, it is also so beautiful to wear and more elevated than a simple cotton. I enjoy the different weights you can get it in, I also like it as its more renewable and easier on the environment than cotton. Summer wouldn’t be the same without a perfectly crinkled linen dress or undone shirt.

How does this collection make you feel? 

It is making me feel refreshed, we’re through the depths of winter and feeling the light of spring and the summer we have ahead of us. Also, the general feeling of a new season with all that is happening in the world with Covid is bringing some light – a new purpose. I’m excited about adding some newness into my wardrobe and some warmer tones such as the camel and taupe that we have running through this collection.

What pieces are you most excited about launching?  

I am excited about the Layla Tee and June Tank, these two pieces exemplify refined ease and can be layered easily with giving a subtle yet identifiable level of texture through the irregular rib. I’m looking forward to layering my Margeaux Dress over the top of the Layla while the weather is still cool, this dress epitomises femininity yet has a more structured and modern hem with the rows of topstitching.  I’m also excited about the Magdelena Pant, an elegant sandwashed silk pant with a subtle mixed grain detail through the bottom of the leg, pared back with the Layla Tee or Ines Top. The Elodie Jumper is also one I’ll be reaching for, the level of texture the crochet stitch offers along with the contrast stitch and lantern sleeve.

Marle has quietly been championing a sustainable philosophy for some time now, how does this collection (and those to come) support this ethos? 

I personally don’t like shouting things from rooftops - I prefer to do the work and let the pieces and brand speak for itself whilst knowing that we are working behind the scenes on ensuring our footprint is light and the people that we work with are taken care of. There She Knows continues this philosophy by quietly pushing forward in our stance on using exclusively natural fibres as what comes from the earth can return to it.  All of the yarn we have used – just like all seasons – is Oeko-Tex certified along with majority of the silk pieces and I’m proud to be introducing a GOTS certified organic cotton capsule collection of basics to our women (launching soon)


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 Images by Cam Neate


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