Yarn Focus: Perino

A luxurious combination of Mulberry Silk, ZQ certified Super Fine Merino and New Zealand brushtail possum, our adored Perino yarn is soft, breathable and lightweight. Engineered in New Zealand and designed to last a lifetime.

Exceptional Wearability 

Less inclined to pill due to the unique fibre structure possum fibre gives the yarn, exceptional durability ensures garments will look new for longer.


Luxurious Softness

The combination of brushtail possum, merino and silk results in a softness that is second to none. It is incredibly light and soft but also offers superior warmth. 

Innovative Blend

Everything about Perino conjures opulence: the handle of the yarn; its lightness of touch; the remarkable warmth that possum fibre delivers and the durability it offers.


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