Marle Woman: Greta Kenyon

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With this philosophy in mind, we are excited to introduce Marle Women, a new Journal feature profiling a selection of women across the generations that we admire. We hope each feature inspires you, the same way in which these women do to us. 

It is a pleasure to introduce Greta Kenyon. Mother, photographer and founder & editor of Together Journal Magazine. Greta wears the Dillon Dress in All Spice and Louis Tee in Ivory. Photographed by her 10 year old son, Marlo Capamagian. 


Name: Greta Kenyon 
Age: 44


Can you share a little bit about yourself, your career, and upbringing? What aspects have contributed to the woman you are today?

I am the founder and editor of Together Journal. A wedding, occasion and lifestyle magazine which is distributed in New Zealand, Australia and America. I am also a mother of three children (Sol age 11, Marlo age 10 and Zelda age 5) and wife to Charlie.

I have always been creative but with a business focus and I have spent most of my career so far working within the fashion industry in marketing roles and as a buyer. And then when I had my children I had a career change and became a free-lance photographer (I had studied photography previously). It was working as a photographer that allowed me to see a gap in the market for a new kind of wedding magazine and digital platform and I launched Together Journal in late 2015.

We moved around a lot while I was growing up. Every three or so years we would move to a different town because of my father’s job. I got to know a lot of different people and live in a lot of different places. Its character building stuff moving locations and starting fresh over and over again. Because of this I think I am very social and very adaptable, there is not much that phases me. I have also done a lot of travelling and lived overseas several times in my twenties which has shaped who I am and my view of the world today.

And lastly my grandparents have had a big impact on who I am and what I do, I loved spending time at their house when I was growing up. There were lots of places to create, workshops, weaving studios, painting areas, they were always making something.  I have fond memories of being in my Grandmothers weaving studio and being fascinated by all the colours of hand dyed wool spools she had on her shelves. The textures and tones were incredible. They definitely inspired me creatively.

How would you describe your personal style? Has it always been this way or has it evolved over the years? How?

My style is feminine, paired back and slightly undone in the right kind of way. Outfits need to take me seamlessly from a client meeting or brand event to school pick up. I think definitely think my style has evolved over my life as my lifestyle has changed, I’m not running around in heels every day like I used to when I was in the fashion industry pre-children but there are some key elements I have always been very consistent with. I have always loved feminine dressing and shapes and silhouettes that flatter the body as well as a slight nod to the seventies both in fashion and interiors. Dresses and long skirts have always been a constant favourite and staple for me. I also love boots (who doesn’t?), knitwear and although I have a few key black pieces in my wardrobe that I love I do generally feel happier wearing earthy colours and lighter tones.

Have you always been confident in your style, or is it something one learns with age?

I have always been pretty confident with my own style and I have always enjoyed experimenting a bit too, I think experimenting is how you refine your style and figure out what suits you and what you like wearing best. I have loved fashion and clothing from an early age and was sewing my own clothes by the time I was about twelve years old, sewing gives you an appreciation of fabrics, how garments balance and sit on the body and so much more. Sewing was definitely something that helped me refine and develop my own personal style. I spent hours poring over fashion magazines, dreaming up outfits and playing around with patterns and creating my own. Although sadly I have to admit it’s been years since I have been behind a sewing machine now! 

What do you love most about wearing Marle? How does it make you feel?

There is something about Marle that truly resonates with me. I feel very feminine wearing Marle. There is a timeless elegance about it that I identify with and love, when you a buy a piece you know that it’s going to become part of a collection that will work with future and past Marle pieces. The palette and the styles evolve but they also, always stay true to the Marle Aesthetic. There is a subtle pull back to nature both within the elements that make up the fabrics as well as the way the textures look and the palette which reflect the tones in nature. And I love wearing linen, cotton, silk and wool, it’s pretty much a prerequisite.

What is your take on a personal ritual?  Do you have any rituals when getting dressed each morning?

I really enjoy picking out my clothes for the day, I normally do this the night before. What I wear has a big impact on how I feel. If I look good I feel good and I genuinely enjoy dressing well. I also have a slight obsession with fragrance, this also has a big impact on my mood. I plan my fragrance choice around what I am wearing and doing as well as how I am feeling. I have about 10 fragrances on regular rotation and like clothes they too can make you feel great.




"I feel very feminine wearing Marle. There is a timeless elegance about it that I identify with and love, when you a buy a piece you know that it’s going to become part of a collection that will work with future and past Marle pieces"


What conversations do you wish more people were having day to day?

I feel like more conversations are opening up and it’s wonderful to hear more dialogue around diversity, sustainability, different cultures, equality, mental + physical health, working parents and more, we need to foster this and keep it going. I think we have some great role models out there forging the way and I look forward to seeing new ones coming through.

What do you wish people were more aware of? Is there something you wish was discussed more openly?

As a mother I think it’s so important that we carry on the conversations mentioned above at home with our children. Teaching them how to navigate the world and to be open, aware, kind and respectful is paramount. Sharing more with them in an age appropriate way about all sorts of things is important, I think in the past children have been shut out from some things that they could be more exposed to. Children are very adaptable and I’m constantly surprised by the questions mine ask, which is great, I want them to feel like they can ask me anything. 

What is a piece of personal wisdom that you carry with you?

What you believe is your reality.

How you think, your mood and what is going on in our head will impact everything you do. Big and small. If you wake up in a bad mood and think you are going to have a bad day chances are you will. If you think you can’t do something, chances are you won’t. We all have bad times or bad days but try to think positive about the big and the small things and you will find more great things will happen and you will feel much happier too. Also be kind to others, that kindness will come back to you. Make a habit of telling yourself you can do things, that you are lucky, that you are happy, make an extra effort to be kind and see what happens.


Quick fire questions:

Most treasured accessory? I have two. An antique deco style onyx ring which I wear on my pinky finger which was given to me by my Mother in law and the black diamond Venus Star ring made by Zoe & Morgan which my husband bought for me for our ten year wedding anniversary. One is old and one is new but they look perfect next to each other and I never take them off.

Texture or colour? Always and forever blue tones

Spring/ Summer or Autumn/Winter? I am such a summer person and am happiest in these months. But for light and the photographers eye I do like the golden crisp light that Autumn gives.


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