Marle Woman: Yasmine Ganley

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We recently spoke to multifaceted creative Yasmine Ganley, the editor of some of New Zealand's adored independent publications including ISLAND, WAIST journal and her own digital platform,

Here, Yasmine shares her thoughts on creativity, collaboration and personal style. She also talks us through the "mash" of motherhood, work and self.

Please share a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I'm Yasmine, I am the mother of two kids, Emily (4) and James (2), we live in Titirangi, with my partner Matthew. Currently I am Editor of ISLAND magazine, founder + editor of and anyonebooks - the self publishing arm of anyonegirl. In this project I am Editor of WAIST journal (we have made 5 issues) and Publisher for Men Carrying Flowers, made in collaboration with artists Ophelia Mikkelson Jones, writer Durga Chew Bose and designer Natasha Mead.

In terms of freelance, I work with brands in fashion, arts and design practices, such as Sans [ceuticals], Tessuti, Jasmin Sparrow.

I originally trained as a contemporary dancer at NZ School of Dance and was with a company for five years once I graduated. Then I moved to New York for two years and started to get interested in photography. When I came back to NZ, I worked with BLACK magazine as their Deputy Editor, then I went freelance. That was over 10 years ago now.

How did to be and how has your intention for the site evolved over time? originally started as a place for me to share the work I created for other platforms, like a portfolio, then I started to curate extra bits and pieces I found or came across from artists and makers, and naturally a community started to build itself. It morphed into a platform for creatives to explore their mediums without commercial restrictions. I would be sent submissions that were so special, and started to think that online was a space too fast to consume these works, which is when Natasha and I started to talk about a print offering, and we made WAIST, which is still one of my favourite projects.

As a mother, photographer, stylist, editor, amongst other things, how does each pillar fit in with daily life?

It's just one big mash. I've tried to be disciplined about sticking to one thing and strengthening that muscle, but I have come to surrender to the fact that I like doing lots of things all at once and they all feed into each other. I have, though, started to build a better routine for myself that allows me to have some quiet time on my own each day, and time that is just for me to be with the kids. Unfortunately, I still have to work in the evenings, which I loathe.

You collaborate with many - in all of your different roles - why is collaboration important to you and what do you think makes for a great partnership?

Working with friends who are experts in what they do is the greatest joy. I appreciate building a vision together, and seeing where everyone's ideas can be pushed to.

Has motherhood changed your approach to the way you work - your projects and your creativity? How?

I like to think I stand up for myself more now, knowing that my time and energy has its capacity, and that I need to hold some of that for myself and my family. I've become organised, much to my mother's surprise. I have much less time to do much bigger jobs, so this self-taught skill is out of necessity! (Matthew is a Capricorn, and I always say, get a good Capricorn in your corner!)


How would you describe your personal style - how has this evolved over the years?

Relaxed. I wear a lot of jeans and tee shirts. I like to be comfortable. But also as I get older, I've gotten a bit braver with my style too. I like things that are a bit kooky.

What do you love most about Marle?

The technical details, each piece feels as though it has been carefully considered in construction. I love the knitwear, I try to get one piece each season, they are staples for me.

What is your intention in life at this moment?

More greens.

Quickfire Questions:

Texture or colour?

Colour (Blue!)

Summer or winter?

Neither - autumn

Most treasured accessory?

My Grandad's signet ring that he won in a diving contest (as in diving board, not crayfish)

Currently reading…

The Sentence by Louise Erdrich

Currently listening to…

Warm Chris by Aldous Harding

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Images by Greta van der Star


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