Marle Book Club

A selection of our favourite reads and listens to take you through the summer season.

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“I’m really looking forward to starting the books Cleopatra and Frankenstein & Small Pleasure, as they were highly recommended to me by an adored friend. Cooler evenings spent reading as my children sleep will be the perfect way to end my summer evenings.” 

- Bryley




“Reading for me is a way of maintaining good mental health and I have made my way through about 20 books this year. We have a gorgeous little book store in our town and the team always have great recommendations. Auē by Becky Manawatu was a favourite and I also really loved Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano. I just finished Demon Copperhead which was a great story but quite frenetic to read and my holiday list includes Lola in the Mirror by Trent Dalton and Prophet Song by Paul Lynch.” - Kel



“I've not long started this and am finding it very hard to put down.

Looking forward to some summer down-time to get really stuck in.” - Jodie




“I’m a little late to the party but I’m currently reading Daisy Jones & The Six and next up on my list is Green Dot - a recommendation from a recent Super Creative episode with Mandy from Bookety Book Books. I love an easy read, especially in summer and these are both the perfect form of escapism.” - Tyla



“I’m looking forward to the summer break to catch up on podcasts and to have some downtime to start reading again. Top of my list is The Curve podcast. I’ve just started my investing journey, and Vic and Soph have created an incredible community for women to learn about investing in a way that makes sense to us and our lifestyles. I’m a big fan of crime books, and None of This is True has been highly recommended.” - Morgan



“I’m not a big reader, but my go to book guide is a saved tab on my sister in law, Anna Reeves

Instagram. She has about 50 book recommendations saved so there’s sure to be something that appeals. ” -Tam

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