Our Philosophy / Responsibility


Natural Fabrications


Reduce Plastic


Safe and minimised use of chemicals

Sea Freight

Keep Learning

We believe in the quality and beauty of natural fibres.

When it comes to fabrics, nature can’t be beaten. Durable, luxurious and full of benefits - we only work with natural yarns, now and always.

Durability is of peak importance to us, as we design with longevity in mind. We need fibres that last, that age gracefully, that are reliable. Another benefit being fabrics that are made of the earth can return to the earth, break down naturally and beautifully without contributing to landfill.

Natural fibres each have their own additional benefits such as antimicrobial properties, odor resistance, and even self cleaning. For more information on our natural fibres see our ‘Fabrics’ section here

We believe in protecting our planet and reducing our impact.

We aim to tread lightly. It is important to us that we create our garments conscious of our impact. As well as only using natural fibres we have added initiatives within the business developing simultaneously.

Our first priority with this was the elimination of single-use plastic, and synthetic fibres used in our care labels. We now deliver our garments in home compostable bags and our care labels are 100% cotton.

We reduce our impact through safe and minimised use of chemicals where possible by using oeko-tex certified yarn and fabric. We also work with un-dyed fabric which conserves water and energy resources and reduces the overall footprint of the garment.

We choose sea freight over air shipments. Air freight has a Co2 emission over 40 times sea freight.

Our offices have an environmental focus. Our staff are encouraged to take part in recycling schemes.

We don’t claim to be perfect, but will keep learning and doing our best. We are constantly researching new ways of working, new fibres, new advancements, and better practises to put into practise within our business.

We believe in constantly aiming to do better.

We acknowledge that producing sustainable clothing is a journey and not a destination. With constant improvements in the industry, technological advancements and new fabrications being created, it is important to us that each step we make is done so with intention and commitment. Every season we are going to do a bit more, and every day we are doing our best. We are committed to keep learning, and are excited to invite our customers on this journey with us.


Fair Working Conditions

Personal Relationship with Factories

Staff Work-Life Balance

Extra Benefits

We believe in fair working conditions.

We believe our production should positively impact every person in our supply chain. A garment passes through many hands to come to fruition, and we love the craftsmanship and beauty this brings to our clothing. Those people deserve to be taken care of, to feel safe in their workplace and have job security - just like our staff in New Zealand.

We believe in being human about it. We value our suppliers and our relationships with them.

It is important to us to know our suppliers. That closeness is what helps us create clothing with incredible quality that we can be proud of. We cherish our relationships with our factories, and that daily communication and face-to-face visits keeps us confident in their practises.

We believe in flexible working conditions.

We are a family run business, and believe family life and work life can (and should) successfully intertwine. We give our New Zealand staff flexible hours to assist them to make this happen. This comes back to our philosophy of being more human about business, and looking after the people we work with.


Our New Zealand staff enjoy extra benefits such as group pilates. Not only does this help our staff to understand our holistic view of living, it boosts group moral and gets those endorphins going for healthy and happy employees.