Marle Woman: Elle Músa

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Australian musician and artist Elle Músa has an innate ability to truly make you stop, think and feel. Her joyful melodies radiate nostalgic romance and warmth, whilst her colourful and uplifting paintings bring the viewer back to a sense of peace and a place of wonder, an exploration of Elle’s imagination.

Here, we speak with Elle about her creative journey, the importance of slowing down and why her Marle pieces inspire a feeling that she is always longing for.

Please share a little bit about yourself - including your background, where you were raised, noting some of the defining aspects that have contributed to the woman you are today.

Hi! I am an artist and musician from the Sunshine Coast. I was born in Brisbane and my Burguez family background is a mix of Basque and French Mauritian. I grew up in a very musical household and was always doing dance and music classes growing up.

I have been lucky enough to have spent a lot of time travelling with my partner and have collected a lot of inspiration over the years. Creating beautiful things is what I love to do most and I don’t know any other way to be. I think my sensitive heart, loving parents and my very imaginative mind has also contributed to who I am as a woman today.

"With painting I get into a lovely zone for hours on end. I set up my space and listen to podcasts or music and just paint and paint. I look at images of ancient art, furniture, nature and other modes of beauty as well to help me form different ideas for objects and vessels in my art" 
You are a renowned painter and musician based in Byron Bay, can you tell us a little bit about your creative process, and what inspired you to pursue both mediums?

When creating I like to feel as free as possible. I usually just press record and improvise a song whilst playing guitar or piano. Sometimes I write down different words and vibes I want to portray in my songs too.

With painting I get into a lovely zone for hours on end. I set up my space and listen to podcasts or music and just paint and paint. I look at images of ancient art, furniture, nature and other modes of beauty as well to help me form different ideas for objects and vessels in my art. Sometimes I have a colour scheme in mind but similar to my music process, I just go with the flow until I feel the painting is balanced and the colours make me feel good. Colour is very important to my process.

How would you say your art and music has evolved over time?

Both have stayed very authentic to my soul, and my style has become more refined.

Your paintings are like wonderful escapes, do you think our current global climate has shaped the way you work today?

I think so, yes. I just want to create even more beauty and means of positive escape for myself and others.

I believe that art and music gives us hope and taps us into the divine.

You’ve said in the past that you’re trying to become better at not working/being creative, and not feeling guilty about doing other things you love. How are you finding this process? Can you shed some light on allowing oneself to take a break and live?

Lately I have been taking some time off painting and focusing on music and reading. This has been so necessary as I work very hard and burn myself out. It is still a challenge for me to not be ‘achieving’ something everyday, and I sometimes feel guilty in the afternoon if I feel I haven’t worked on anything. But, over time it gets easier and I think the best way to do this is to slowly incorporate rest days into your week if possible. After a few days of allowing yourself to just ‘be’, you don’t feel as guilty or pressured.

Something wonderful for me has been ensuring that I don’t work on weekends and specifically taking Sunday’s off all devices and just resting in nature or reading.

How would you describe your personal style - how has this evolved over the years?

I would like to think my style has become more elegant. I used to buy mainly second hand (which is still great) and I didn’t really think much about my purchases and ended up with a lot of clothes I didn’t wear or that didn’t suit me. I like to think clearly before I buy and I want each item to be able to be worn forever.

How do your Marle pieces make you feel? Do they inspire a feeling, time, memory?

I absolutely love my Marle pieces. As soon as I saw them I could tell they were of such a high quality. They are the kind of pieces I will feel like myself in and will want to keep forever. They inspire a feeling that I am always longing for - it is the late afternoon, I have been by the sea all day and I am now heading out to a candlelit dinner. I feel natural and beautiful just as I am.


What is your intention in life at this moment?

To be calm, to take things slow, to laugh everyday, to be in love and to be inspired.

Quickfire Questions:
Texture or colour?


Summer or winter?

Summer in Europe and Winter in Australia

Most treasured accessory?

My Maryam Nassir Zadeh Shell necklace

Currently reading…

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Currently listening to…

You’ve Got a Woman by Lion on repeat.


Elle wears the Pamela Dress in Camel and the Joseph Shirts in Salt and Aubergine Plaid

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