Marle Denim: 100% Organic Cotton

Marle Denim, for today and a better tomorrow.

Made from 100% organic cotton, Marle Denim is designed for today and a better tomorrow. 

"Using 100% organic cotton for our denim collection was decided at the very beginning of the design process. Grown without any toxic chemicals, organic cotton is kinder to the planet, the farmers who work with it as well as to those who end up wearing it as a finished product.

While it was important that our styles were classic, comfortable and flattering, using a conscious and mindful fibre only adds to the appeal," explains Juliet Souter, Founder and Creative Director, Marle.



Benefits of Organic Cotton
  • It has a low impact on the environment.

  • Organic production leaves the soil useful for other crops to supplement farmers’ food and income.

  • It is beneficial for biodiversity.

  • Organic cotton is rain-fed to large parts, meaning less irrigation and less strain on already water-scarce areas.


By using 100% Organic Cotton

Approx 43% less energy is used

Approx 80% fresh water is saved

Approx 36% less greenhouse gas emissions.


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