Three Ways With The Ophelia Dress By Jasmine Dowling

Content creator and graphic designer Jasmine Dowling has a penchant for all things pretty. Her Instagram feed and self-titled blog are brimming with personal design projects, creative musings and fashion inspiration – both remaining true to Jasmine's style in a curated colour palette.  

A long time Marle admirer, we asked Jasmine to put together three different ways she’ll be wearing our Ophelia Dress.

Firstly, what do you love most about The Ophelia Dress?

It's ease and versatility. It is a piece that I can put on in almost any situation and look effortless - whether it's the new silk version or the linen. I live in a pretty hot climate so anything that hangs off my body and means I don't have to wear a bra is a win from me!

There seems to be a fairly big societal focus on only wearing an item once and not being able to wear it again. What advice do you have for people who think you can't wear the same thing on repeat?

I think it is pretty absurd that we would only wear an item once. Clothes are meant to be loved and worn. I always feel quite mad at myself if I have made a purchase of clothing and only wear it once or twice. We should all be much more conscious of the way we shop and think about how much you love a certain piece or how much wear you'll get out of it before purchasing.  


How can you make something tried and tested (and much-loved) feel new again?

Often if I feel like I need to buy something new - or I am just sick of my closet - I pull out most of my clothes and try to discover new outfits within it. Often we can just look at a certain portion of our clothes and fail to see new combinations, but when it is all out in front of you, you can pull together new combinations. I also like to take photos of all of the new outfits so I can reference them when feeling stuck.


And lastly, talk us through the three ways you’ll be wearing your Ophelia...


Ophelia Dress on its own

This outfit really is my go-to when I want to feel comfortable but have to be out the door in 5 minutes. Since the latest Ophelia is in silk, it instantly elevates the look. I pop it on with my Arizona Love gingham sandals for comfort and I am good to go. Swap it out for a low heel and I am out to afternoon drinks. 


Ophelia Dress with tee underneath

The best thing about The Ophelia Dress is its ability to be layered - firstly, by layering pieces underneath. To counter the volume in the dress I would go for a more fitted tee or knit underneath. This is something that I will definitely be doing a lot more of in the transitional seasons. 


Ophelia with jumper over the top

The beauty of The Ophelia is that you can also layer over the dress! In the cooler months, I will throw a chunky knit over the top or even put a tight knit under the dress then a chunky knit over for ultimate warmth. Being full length also means I can wear tights or stockings under the dress without anyone being the wiser.  



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