Stockist Profile: The Undone

We are proud to have Marle represented within our family of stockists all over the world and have partnered with The UNDONE for the past few years in which we are aligned in aesthetic as well as values.

Designed for the effortless minimalist, The UNDONE focuses on delivering premium wardrobe essentials, elevated basics and succinct trend pieces to its customers. With a dedication to making getting dressed simpler in the morning, The UNDONE cuts out the noise of bright colours and trends and focuses on pieces you'll have, love and wear for years to come.

We spoke with Founder Sara Crampton, about the changes to her brand approach in 2020, what’s most important to her as a business owner and what we can expect from The UNDONE in the seasons to come.

While based in beautiful New Zealand, we have customers and followers from all over the world. As an Australian brand, can you tell our audience a little bit about The UNDONE ethos and how the brand came to be?

The concept for the store came about 5 years ago after I realised that the online stores I was searching through didn’t have a particular point of view on style, but rather were trying to cater to everyone. I found it really overwhelming and to be honest, time wasting. At the time I was running my own personal style site full time, but had studied marketing and my career roles prior had been in ecommerce, so that was where my passion took me.

I am whole heartedly dedicated to a less is more style philosophy, where I have stripped away colour and prints that date and replaced them with seasonless tones like black, white and neutrals. It has made getting dressed so much easier, as everything in my wardrobe works with each other and makes me feel like the most confident version of myself. I also shop less as I have the essentials covered, so when I do make a purchase and add something to my wardrobe it’s a really considered process. I also find that what I do own I wear constantly, my cost per wear on an item is incredible!

At the moment it feels very on trend to be dressing this way, but a decade ago when I found this personal style for myself it really was a more-is-more moment in fashion. I encourage everyone to find their own style and tap into what makes them happy and feel their best, even if it’s not particularly on trend.

The UNDONE has been the go-to for minimalists since launch, but we know a few maximalists who are fans too. How do you ensure The UNDONE has an inclusive offering?

In our opinion, everyone can benefit from having the wardrobe basics covered, it’s completely up to you how you then go on and style them. I like to make sure we always have the key pieces like a great fitting jean, basic t-shirts, tanks and shirting and staple dresses you can layer. If you choose to style them with bright colours and clashing prints go for it!

It’s been an intense 2020 so far and we’ve seen you handle each hurdle with haste and grace. What has 2020 taught you as a business owner so far?

I think we should all be so proud of ourselves for getting through this year, it's been an emotional roller coaster. I think one of the biggest lessons for me personally and as a business owner is to take a step back and listen. The business of fashion is really fast paced and you’re constantly moving onto the next season, so to have the time this year to take a step back and look at the bigger picture has been really beneficial. Being a personable business is also really important to us, we’re not a big company and love having real conversations and connections with our customers. This year especially I think what we need is less automation and more human interaction.

The UNDONE has a vision to provide high quality, timeless fashion inspired by design but more recently, design that considers its impact on the environment. What changes have you made to your buying approach and the service you offer consumers to be more eco-conscious?

This has been a big refocus for us this year which we’re quietly working at behind the scenes. Fabric choices are so important, and it’s so great to work with brands like Marle that are aligned on this value, who focus on natural materials that have a lower impact on the environment. Checking what the garments are made of is a key factor when I'm buying and unless it’s something that’s a core classic, swimwear or activewear, it’s hard to accept a synthetic that’s adding more demand for plastic in an already over produced world. It’s so important to get educated and keep the curiosity when it comes to sustainable practices and choices while also making sure you’re not greenwashing or confusing the customer.

 "I’m a long time fan of the Anouk dress and wear my black and white dresses at least weekly during the warmer months, so I'm so happy it’s been repeated again and also available in some other neutral colours as well"
What is your favourite piece from the Resort Marle collection and how are you currently wearing it?

I’m a long time fan of the Anouk dress and wear my black and white dresses at least weekly during the warmer months, so I'm so happy it’s been repeated again and also available in some other neutral colours as well. It’s one of those all rounder dresses that I can wear to work, a girls lunch, a date night or just around the house and It feels perfect for each occasion. I can’t recommend it enough.

If a customer asked about Marle, how would you describe the brand?

Marle creates clothes that women feel good in.

What’s one thing you hope people will remember about The UNDONE?

We’re a business grounded with a genuine approach to helping you get dressed each day with ease.