Mother’s Day with Marle Women: Eleanor Pendleton

With many of our #MarleWomen being mothers, we asked some of our friends - and our founder Juliet Souter - to pen a little something special for their children this Mother’s Day. 

The current challenges have impacted us all in some way and we wanted to share what these mums hope their children will remember about this time and what they hope they’ll learn from it all.

We hope you love this special series as much as we do x

Eleanor Pendleton, Sydney, Australia 


To my sweet boy –

My darling Banjo Wilde,

One day, your Dadda and I will tell you about your first three months of life on Earth — a time, which will go down in the history books.

You were born on a rainy Thursday in January. A day which saw beautiful rain put out fires, which had raged across Australia for months – taking land, lives and homes. A time where shortly thereafter a virus brought people to their knees and the entire world to a standstill. A time where we kept you safe and protected at home for months; sometimes going outside for air once a day. A time where cars no longer ruled the roads or planes flew in the skies. A time where you couldn’t see your extended family whom you’d only met when you were born before our lives went into lockdown shortly after. A time where your parents worked day in and day out, doing everything they could to keep the family business alive. A time where hundreds of thousands around the world lost their lives and millions of people became sick and lost their jobs and livelihoods. A time which was scary, stressful, and at times felt apocalyptic. 

But above all, we’ll tell you about the silver linings. The beautiful, wonderful little moments that still happened during the global pandemic. A time where your father and I got to see every single one of your smiles and coos. A time where the most simple things became precious like sitting in the garden together, going for a family walk or putting our toes in the sand. A time where children’s drawings of rainbows covered sidewalks and windows giving thanks to doctors, nurses, delivery drivers, supermarket attendants and other essential workers. A time where you, our darling, taught us what is truly important: our health & each other.


Mama x

Image by Rachael Tagg

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