Mother's Day with Marle Women: Kelly Müller

With many of our #MarleWomen being mothers, we asked some of our friends - and our founder Juliet Souter - to pen a little something special for their children this Mother’s Day. 

The current challenges have impacted us all in some way - whether it’s business, friendships, relationships, family routines or all of the above. So we wanted to share what these mums hope their children will remember about this time and what they hope they’ll learn from it all.

We hope you love this special series as much as we do x

Kelly Müller, Lennox Head, Australia


Sunny and Ari,

I asked you just yesterday Sunny, if things felt different to you right now and you looked at me with your big brown eyes, shrugged and said 'not really Mum'. While you know there is a 'bad cold' spreading all the way round the world; we have to stay at home to help people keep safe; and we can't do everything that we used to, I think it’s safe to say you’re pretty happy being at home and playing with your parents and little sister day in and day out. 

It's been a lot of fun for Mama and Papa too, but it's also been hard. Trying to run a business in these times is challenging; keeping you both entertained all day is challenging; remaining positive in a confusing and crazy world is challenging - and I hope you see that we feel those things. It's important that you understand that parents have feelings too - my friend Tashy taught me that - and it's ok to feel scared or overwhelmed. Breathe in for four and out for more. Take a minute, gather your thoughts, share your feelings and then together, we can get through anything.

I know all of the initial disappointment was hard - cancelled trips from Grammy and Koro, then Granny’s trip too; our cancelled family trip with the Hills to the Sunshine Coast; and a couple of missed birthday parties - but I've realised more than ever how resilient you are. You often refer to things we'll do and places we'll go 'once the blimmin' cold is gone' (note to self, I must stop calling it the 'blimmin' cold), so we're doing our best to explain everything to you honestly but cautiously - you are only four and one after all. I think we're doing ok so far. 

There are lots of positives from this situation too but perhaps my personal favourite, is the realisation of how lucky we are to live in Lennox Head. Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year up here and amongst all the uncertainty, one thing I am sure of is that moving our family from Sydney to Lennox was the best decision your dad and I ever made. I hope you look back on this time and remember that even in the most challenging of experiences, all we truly need is the ocean and each other - and that is more than enough.

I love you,

Mama x

Images by Lisa Sorgini for Natalie Marie Jewellery.

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