Mother's Day with Marle Women: Juliet Souter

With many of our #MarleWomen being mothers, we asked some of our friends - and our founder Juliet Souter - to pen a little something special for their children this Mother’s Day. 

The current challenges have impacted us all in some way and we wanted to share what these mums hope their children will remember about this time and what they hope they’ll learn from it all.

We hope you love this special series as much as we do x


Juliet Souter, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand


To my darlings, Vita and Nero,


2020 will go down in history as the year the world stopped.  ‘The Virus’ as its been termed in our house has had profound effects on everyone the planet over, we’ve all gone through every emotion under the sun because of it.  We’ve always felt grateful to call New Zealand home, but we feel that even more so now. 


Vita, you turned 7 while we were in lockdown here in the Mount.  We managed to put together a social distancing birthday parade for you by biking around our neighbourhood stopping at a distance outside family and friends houses, each of which made you feel so special by decorating their fences, making signs and cards in your honour, singing happy birthday at the top of their lungs.  The confidence that you have gained by having this special time at home with just our little family has been lovely to watch, you have taken Nero under your wing, loved playing together and deepened your bond.  You’ve helped keep all of our heads up with your kind nature. Thank you.


Nero, you’re 3 and a half years old during our time in lockdown, you’re absolutely loving having Mama and Dada on tap, no rushing around, slow mornings and lots of play time together.  Being the fussy eater you are, ‘The Virus’ has made you consider the food you’re eating and if it is going to help keep ‘The Virus’ away which has been music to our ears.  We’re having such fun being together riding our bikes on the deserted streets of Mount Maunganui and seeing your joy in the freedom of zooming down any hill you find.  Your wicked sense of humour has brought smiles and belly laughs to all of us. Thank you.


Along with this special family time, adventuring and creating, this has also been a challenging time for mum and dad – along with people everywhere, there are so many questions going on inside our heads and in hushed conversations to protect your precious innocence.  Figuring out how to share with you the reason why you’re not going to school and daycare, why we can’t have your friends over or go to the park for a play and have cuddles with our beloved family and friends, something you’re both struggling with.


Because of this enforced time – we’ve had just that, time.  Time we have loved and will treasure forever.  This has also helped us have that much needed time to create new ways of doing things at home and at work to benefit all of us as a family.


Thank you for being the greatest gifts we could have ever wished for, we love you.


Mama and Dada



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