Mother’s Day with Marle Women: Greta Kenyon

With many of our #MarleWomen being mothers, we asked some of our friends - and our founder Juliet Souter - to pen a little something special for their children this Mother’s Day. 

The current challenges have impacted us all in some way and we wanted to share what these mums hope their children will remember about this time and what they hope they’ll learn from it all.

We hope you love this special series as much as we do x

Greta Kenyon, Auckland, New Zealand  


Zelda, Marlo and Sol,

It’s a strange time at the moment in the world and it’s up to us and all of our friends and family to work together to stop this nasty virus and to help people and the planet get better. We need to especially think about those people who are a bit older like Granddad & Jana and Grandma & Papa as well as other people we know and don’t know, who might not be as healthy as you are. It sounds a bit crazy but we can help all of these people by staying home so that we don’t spread germs around by mistake. Which is actually kind of great because we get to have this special time together, as much time as we had together when you were babies!  

While we are at home together we will learn lots of new and fun things. There will be lots of art and crafts, cooking and games. Plus we will do exercise every day so we all stay fit for when dancing and sports starts again. Sol you can teach us all how to spin bowl. Marlo you can take us for some fitness training and Zelda it would be wonderful if you could take us for some dance classes. Dad and I will be your school teachers but we will both also be working doing our normal jobs too so we are all going to have to try hard to help each other when we can. We will learn so many things over this time, not just all the new games, activities and crafts but also to be more patient and that we really don’t need much at all to be happy so long as we have each other. 

Love Mum x 

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