International Women's Day 2019 / Tamryn Reeve, Production Manager

Tamryn Reeve, Production Manager

Balance for Better

I feel so fortunate to spend the majority of the week with my little two year old as well as enjoying some time for myself in the office working for a Company and in an Industry that I love and feel so fortunate to be a part of. Being a Mum as well as working is a juggle that I feel so privileged to be able to do and it empowers me to be surrounded by a team of such clever and inspirational Women.


What does a typical day look like for you? 

The favourite part of my day is getting coffee in bed and having cuddles and chats with my little 2 year old before getting stuck into organising everyone to leave the house.

If it’s a work day, I get to enjoy a lovely day in our beautiful office with our great little team working on the next collection, fitting samples or developing new products and systems. Pilates next door at lunch, then an afternoon at the beach or kicks in the backyard with my little guy. 


What are your go-to rituals that make you feel empowered each day? 

Daily exercise is essential for me and I find the satisfaction of walking up the Mount every day definitely helps to empower me.  With friends it’s a lovely time to catch up and on my own with a podcast is a perfect time to clear my head and get inspired.


Fashion is often used as a female form of expression. What is the Marle garment that makes you feel most confident, and why?

There are so many pieces it’s genuinely hard to select a favourite, but I love the Rudy skirt. The bias cut silk feels and fits so beautifully. Dressed up or down, it always feels so feminine and luxurious. 


What is appealing to you about Marle's considered approach to fashion production?

I am so proud of the proactive approach we have at Marle for always thinking about and working on ways to improve our impact on the environment, are as well as ensuring our customers have so many beautiful timeless pieces to choose from each season made with 100% natural fibres which feel and wear so well.


Tam wears the Mason Sweater in Black Speckle, shop here