Megan Hosie, Australia Sales Manger

What does balance for better mean to you?

It is a no brainer really, of course the world needs to be gender balanced. We need to live in a world where by the levels of government are represented by equal parts male and female. As it is, the amount of men who make decisions on womens issues is so disproportionate it's infuriating. The one can only be a better place with balanced view points on pretty much all issues.


What does a typical day look like for you? 

Mornings are really important to me, me and my husband wake up and have a cup of tea in bed I read the news he checks the Italian league football results. I then get ready and head to work at OMG FIVE. There is never a dull day when working in fashion sales and pr you are always pitching out news or selling ranges and working across lots of labels in general. Being able to multitask is a must. After a full day at work I head back to Bondi where I live listen to a lot of podcasts on the commute and then generally stick in the area.


What are your go-to rituals that make you feel empowered each day? 

Like I said mornings are very important to me. Having my tea and chia bowl for breakfast whilst reading the news and lately I have been watching The Trixie and Katya show which is the opposite of news but it wakes me up with a laugh. I guess not rushing too much in the morning and making sure I have that quality time to start my day right sets me up for a good day. I am also not adverse to a piece of sugar free chocolate with my cup of tea ;) 


Fashion is often used as a female form of expression. What is the Marle garment that makes you feel most confident, and why?

I really love the Mimi jumper in black and ivory stripe. I run pretty cold and I like this one because it keeps me warm which in turn keeps me confident.

The logic might be silly but it works for me. Also I love the Rudy skirt as I wear a lot of black and this is a great staple.


What is appealing to you about Marle's considered approach to fashion production?

I love the quality of the yarns and fabrics used and the versatility of everything. I am very much about having considered pieces in m wardrobe that can essentially be worn together and that is why Marle works for me.


Meghan wears the Mimi Jumper in Black & Ivory stripe, shop here

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