International Women's Day 2019 / Julia Lomas, New Zealand PR Manager

Julia Lomas, NZ PR Manager

'What does balance for better mean to you’?

 As a woman, I have experienced that being vocal and passionate in the workplace is often met with discountenance. For me, Balance for better means celebrating women’s achievements and supporting enterprise to empower the women of today, and the future. 


What does a typical day look like for you? 

 On a typical day, I wake up around 6 a.m. for a walk around the Marina or head to Pilates – always bypassing my local for an early morning caffeine hit. 

I make an effort not to check emails until I’ve enjoyed an hour of exercise – or what I call my meditation. How I begin my day sets the tone for the next 8 hours. Listening to a positive and empowering podcast first thing (my current favourite is Offline with Alison Rice) is a guaranteed great day.

I choose my outfit dependant on the day ahead. No meetings – I’m a tee, jeans and blazer girl or if I’m meeting a client, it’s a monochrome combo (9/10 Marle) with heels.

My business Partner Simone lives in Raglan so we work remotely on Lomas Kerr. Being our own bosses means we have the flexibility of working from home or from our shared working space at Qb studios in Ponsonby.

Once I’m at work – whether home or the office, I start by reading the news, checking emails, catching up on social and noting down any creative ideas that have sprung into my mind overnight. Simone and I connect and discuss what’s on for the day and week ahead. I like to map out my hours on each client every day, prioritising any urgent deadlines. Being focused on one client or project at a time keep us on track, thinking strategically and drive meaningful outcomes for their and our business.

Most evenings during the week are spent at home as we (my partner Jeremy and I) are pretty social and busy over the weekend. I will try and catch up with my sister at least twice a week which is generally being dragged to a boxing session, but if Jerry and I are at home, you’ll find us watching the news over dinner and in bed by 9pm. Wild!

What are your go-to rituals that make you feel empowered each day? 

Pilates. When my body feels strong I feel empowered to take on any challenge. Another ritual would be speaking with, or calling on, the people who inspire me. Whether it’s my sister, my besties Bailey and Anna or Jerry, the people I choose to surround myself with are who empower me most.


Fashion is often used as a female form of expression. What is the Marle garment that makes you feel most confident, and why?

There have been a few..  Right now I would say it’s the ‘Ophelia Dress’. It’s the most feminine garment I own and not a style I would usually choose but when I’m comfortable, I am confident. The Ophelia is effortless with a hint of drama and an absolute dream to wear. 


What is appealing to you about Marle's considered approach to fashion production?

 I feel a sense of pride each time I wear a piece by Marle. The low impact nature of each garment using exclusive, natural fibres and fabrics are not only beautiful to wear but consciously created garments that stands the test of time. 


Julia wears the Ophelia Dress, shop here