International Women's Day 2019 / Hannah Souter, Graphic Designer

Hannah Souter, Graphic Designer. 

What does balance for better mean to you?

Balance for better can only mean good things - being a women in business in 2019 is a pretty empowering time. Design has typically been a more male dominant industry and the more we open up the conversation about balance in the world the better, that being said I share a studio with predominately women in the design industry who are kicking ass!


What does a typical day look like for you? 

I'm a real morning person, it's my favourite part of the day and I'm a crazy routine type of gal so most mornings start with some form of exercise, pilates, a run, or a walk up Mt Eden followed closely by a coffee at Orphans or Daily Bread. Then it's into my studio on K Road, my most creative work is done in the morning when I am fresh and at my best, so if I have new projects to get my head into I work on these in the morning and admin and rollout projects in the afternoon - no two days are the same in the studio! After work you can often find me across the road at Coco's Cantina or at home cooking or entertaining friends.


What are your go-to rituals that make you feel empowered each day? 

Exercise in the morning in some form, even if it's just walking up the road to get a coffee - it makes me feel like I have done something for myself and had some fresh air before the day has begun - so I never feel too ripped off if I am stuck at my desk all day.


Fashion is often used as a female form of expression. What is the Marle garment that makes you feel most confident, and why?

Ahhhhh there are so many! I'm dressed in Marle most days - my favourites are their dresses, I feel elegant yet comfortable, the love affair began with the Billie Dress, the way that dress falls is super flattering. This Summer I have thrashed the Ophelia Dresses - a real throw on and go kinda dress, I'm pretty sure everyone was as relieved as I was to see it come in a new colour way as they were sick of seeing me in the same dress! 


What is appealing to you about Marle's considered approach to fashion production?

I think the responsibility the team at Marle have taken onboard is great. Ensuring the garments are ethically made by visiting the factories and creating strong relationships with their makers, using recyclable/biodegradable bags, creating beautiful garments using natural sustainable fibres all add to making the end user feel good about their investment into the brand.


Hannah wears the Honey Dress, shop online here