Earth Day x

Honouring the earth, in ways which are big or small, is one constant we can do in both extraordinary and ordinary times. At Marle, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact through our business operations and conscious product creation, but we also acknowledge that sustainability is a winding path and there is always more to be done.
Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day; a date that denotes those of the 20million people who participated in protests, festivals and rallies to drive environmental change. Fifty years on, this date serves as a reminder that our planet earth needs us to act now, more than ever. With that in mind, we have shared some ideas on how to honour the earth today and every day that follows.

  • Reduce or say no to single use plastic bags such as plastic bags, cups, straws and water bottles. Find a full list of plastics to avoid linked here
  • Switch to natural products whether that be in your kitchen, bathroom or beauty routine. Avoid petrochemicals derived from crude and palm oil as these have a devastating effect on environment and wildlife. 
  • Switch lights off when they’re not in use. A simple task to save money on power bills and limit your energy use. 
  • Ensure you are using reusable life-long bags at the supermarket. 
  • Start a compost heap in your backyard to assist in effective food waste and fertilising your garden with valuable nutrients.
  • Coffee tastes better in your own cup. Make yourself a rule, ‘no Keep Cup, no coffee’. 
  • Plant a tree, flower or herb garden, and give back to the earth.
  • Switch all your bills to e-bills and limit the use of paper where possible
  • Share your initiatives and inspire others to do the same


As a business, we have an honest commitment to sustainability and hope that sharing some of our business initiatives will inspire others to do the same...
  • We use exclusively natural fibres
  • We use recycled fibres such as recycled cotton and recycled wool
  • We use un-dyed linen
  • We work only with suppliers who meet ethical standards through our Code of Compliance
  • Our knitwear factory is Gold WRAP certified
  • Our knitwear and majority of our silk is OEKO-TEX certified
  • We reduce our plastic use with corn-starch, biodegradable bags for production delivery
  • We use recyclable cardboard and corn-starch, biodegradable bags for customer delivery


 We’d love to hear your tips and suggestions. Please head to our Instagram and leave us a comment or email us directly on x